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The Babylon Soccer Team was officially established in 2004. About two years prior to that year, some of the team members started practicing together in the Loyola Parc at the intersection of Cote-saint-Luc and Coronation streets.

Then in 2004, and once the core team was ready for competing in tournaments, the team participated in the West Island Industrial Soccer League that took place at the Catalogna SoccerPlexe in Lachine. The team joined Division I league that occurred on Thursdays, the strongest league in the tournament.

The purpose of its formation is to get adult and youth soccer players together in an organized team that can represent the community in Montreal and get community visibility through out the different communities in the city, reflecting the best possible image about the beloved root country for most players - IRAQ.

The team was established with the efforts of a handful of players who enjoy the game, and promote high sportsmanship spirit amongst the team members, the community, and other teams in the city.   Obviously, the team required some financial support in order to be able to join the competitions.  The players decided to take the matter on their shoulders, and they were able to foot the subscription bills.

Later, some other donors from the community decided to give a helping hand, by financially paying some of the expenses. The team is mostly run by few volunteer team members.

Nowadays, the team periodically gets a sponsor who undertakes some of the team expenses, helping the players in their subscription fees.

The team continued to evolve, and on the 2008/2009 season, the team won its first playoff championship.  Other titles followed.

The team welcomes all players, especially those of Iraqi origin who love the game and can compete in a strong Divisions levels.   The team is open to all.

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