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Babylon's current sponsors are:

The Iraqi Community Center

Chateau Kabab Restaurant

(owners: Mr Qasem Mozan and Mr Hasanain Saleh).

Our previous sponsor was InetVideo.com.

Also, many thanks to all the team donors and supporters, since the team formation and until today.  We particularly mention:

Ammar Al-Naseri - Alaa Al-Turaihi (abo Hawra') - Moayad Al-Talibi (abo Esra) - Naser Al-Jobury (Abo Seema') - Turki Al-Shimmari - Alaa Hasan.

Special thanks to Mr Hussein Al-Hashimi (sayed abo Zainab), for his continuous support.

Also thanks to Mr Ahmad Al-Najjar for generously hosting this website.

For sponsorship details, please Contact the team management.

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