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Summer 2012: Finals: Babylon 8 - Cyclone 4 PDF Print E-mail

Babylon wins the finals to claim the Playoffs Cup!

Congratulations to the team!

October 4, 2012 Time: 8:00 PM - Babylon beat Cyclone 8-4 in the finals game of the playoffs of the Summer indoor league for Division I teams.  Babylon had an amazing second half performance.

Summer 2012 Indoor Cup Winners

Details of the finals:  Babylon played this game with four main players absent from their roster: Hakan Gelgec had an injured ankle; Salam El-Mousawi had to play as a goalie in his place.  Amir Al-Kassab had a car accident in New Yourk city, and Ali Al-Kassab went to accompany him and both missed the finals.  Also, Mohamed Reza had to go to Toronto for a family emergency and missed the game too.

So Babylon roster for the finals was: Payam Kashani, Khaleel Hayat, Dyar M-Ali, Ramin Solki, Hussain Gholoum, Ali Al-Khafajy, Sebastian Suarez, Anseh Kwami and Salam El-Mousawi.

Below is a video of the finals:

Cyclone took the lead in scoring, then Babylon quickly equalized by Sebastian.  Then Cyclone scored another goal due to a defence mistake.  Then , before the first half ended a Cyclone player was alone in from of Salam and tried to volley the ball over Salam who intercepted it with his arm just outside the goalie area to get a yellow card, and grant Cyclone a foul close to the goal.  Cyclone player had a direct shot through the unfirm Babylon wall which deflected the ball to the right of Salam and into the net, to end the first half down 1-3.  In the second half, Babylon came back fighting for winning the match, and controlled all of the second half scoring seven goals and allowing only one goal just before the final whisle. Kwami got a yellow card for arguing with one of the referees.

Goal Scorers: Anseh Kwami: 3, Sebastian Suarez: 4, and Payam Kashani: 1.

Referees: Georges and Doreen.


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