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This year, Babylon were the champions.


The tournament took place at the indoor soccer field at 7000 Maurice Duplessis, in Montreal-North.

Babylon @ Ajyalouna

It started at 12:30 pm and ended at 10:30 pm.  Nine teams joined the tournament: AJLM, CCMM, Bridges, Al-Zahra Youth, Al-Zahra, Imam Ali, Hypo-Hypo, Al-Resala and Babylon.

The teams were divided in two groups - Babylon fell in the group of four teams, and the other group had five teams.

Babylon's first game was against Bridges, last year champions.  Babylon easily beat them 9-3.  Scores were Anseh Kwame, Baker Alged, Ali Al-Kassab, Amir Al-Kassab, Ali Al-Adilee and Ramin Solki.

Then Babylon played Imam Ali team and also beat them 11-6.  Al-Zahra team did not play Babylon because they lost their two other games.  Ali Al-Kassab, Anseh Kwame, Baker Alged, Fouad Nahle, Ali Samhat, Hassan Ali and Amir Al-Kassab scored in this game.

Then Babylon played CCMM in the semi-finals and easily beat them 10-1. Scores were Ali Al-Kassab, Anseh Kwame, Fouad Nahle, Amir Al-Kassab and Baker Alged.

Babylon @ Ajyalouna

In the finals, Babylon encountered AJLM and were able to end the game in a 3-3 draw, which led to the shoot-outs.  Anseh Kwame and Ali Al-Kassab scored in this game.  Hakan, Babylon's goalkeeper, excelled in stopping three shoot-outs to lead Babylon to their victory.  Babylon shoot-out scorers were Anseh Kwame, Ali Samhat, Fouad Nahle, and Ramin Solki (winning goal).  Both Ali Al-Kassab and Hassan Ali's shots were stopped by the opponent's goalie, Hussien Hashemi who once played for Babylon.  Also, AJLM had a previous Babylon striker, Mehdi Shiri.

Both Sayed dr. Riyadh Al-Momen (Abu Thar) and Shiekh Ali Sbieti were present in the finals and interchanged presenting the trophies and medals.

Champions: 1st place cup and medals: Babylon

2nd place cup and medals: AJLM

Other trophies won:

Top Scorer: Ali Khanafer (AJLM)

Best Player: Muhamad Nasrallah (CCMM)

Best Goalkeeper: Muhamad Awada (Al-Zahra Youth).

Please enjoy the images below, courtesy of photographer Ridha Mahmoud.

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