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Babylon participated in the one-day tournament named 'Ajyalouna' (our generations). 

The tournament took place at the indoor soccer field at 7000 Maurice Duplessis, in Montreal-North.

 Babylon @ Ajyalouna

It started at 8:30 am and ended at 7:30 pm.  Eight teams joined the tournament: AJLM, CCMM, Bridges, Al-Zahra Youth, Lebanese Resistance, Lions, Al-Resala and Babylon.

The teams were divided in two groups - each with four teams.

Babylon lost its first game 4-3 against the Lebanese Resistance.  Then it beat Lions 10-0.  Finally, it beat AJLM 5-4, to be the second ranked and played the first ranked in the other group, Al-Resala.

Babylon beat Al-Resala 7-3 to advance to the final game against Bridges.

The crowd was chanting and heavily supporting the Bridges.

Babylon team did make a mistake in accepting the Bridges team to replace their goalie with the CCMM good goalie, Nadel Akhdar.  This change made it harder for Babylon to score as the goalie was able to save a lot of shots.  The game was in favor of Babylon, but unfortunately, Babylon lost 6-7.  Although Babylon played well, few mistakes plus the changed goalie contributed to the loss.

Fouad Nahle scored 10 goals for Babylon in the five games Babylon played.  Other team scorers were Hassan Ali (7), Salam El-Mousawi (4), Ramin Solki (2), Muhamad Mousavi (1), Amir Al-Kassab (1), and Ali Al-Kassab (1).

Please enjoy the images below, courtesy of photographer Muhamad Hato.

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