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Babylon had a tough match this week against AFG Gunners. The Afghans have always been a rough rivals for the Greens as they run fast and show a wonderful performance in passing and ball possession. The score was a tie of 1-1 up till the last 10 minutes of the match. Karim was shown a yellow card twice during this match to be sent off towards the end of the match; the first warning was due to kicking the ball away from the throw-in line while it was a throw in for the Afghans; and the second warning was due to a dangerous play. Sebastien Suarez scored the second goal for the Greens during the last 10 minutes of the match when he received a pass from Issa and dribbled an AGF Gunners defender and then shoot the ball into the net.


Team roster: Ali Al-Khafajy, Issa Al Anzi, Karim Atee, Hakan Gelgec, Omar, Jonathan Ali Al-Kassab, Salam

Goal scorers: Delli (1), Sebastien Suarez (1).


Cards:  Karim 2x Yellow (Red)

Referee:  David


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