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This week's match was one of the toughest although the adversary was not one of the strong teams. The first half ended 2-0 for Lascars and Babylon were able to comeback during the second half. The Greens were alternating between Issa and Sebastien to play up front when the score was a draw 2-2; but with no chance. Babylon conceded two easy goals; the first was a deviation out of the defender and went straight into the net and the second was a keeper mistake. Half way through the second half, Ali Al-Kassab played on the left wing and Issa played mid center. That position change helped us a lot to score the 3rd and 4th goals, because Ali was dribbling the players to the corner and crossing the ball.

Team roster: Ali Al-Khafajy, Issa Al Anzi, Sebastien, Omar, Salam, Ali Al-Kassab, Walid (Backup keeper)

Goal scorers: Salam (2), Ali Al-Kassab (1), Sebastien (1).


Cards:  None

Referee:  Jorge



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