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Babylon showed a poor performance when they played against SNC Lavalin. The Greens started the game not being fully into it as they were unable to get the ball out of their half for most of the time. SNC Lavalin players had very accurate passes and kept pressuring Babylon's defense until they scored the first goal. Issa snatched the equalizer towards the end of the end of the first half to leave the field with a draw for the half time. Babylon started the second half relatively better than the first half; we managed to score the second goal and get the lead. However, SNC Lavalin were able to equalize and even take the lead to leave the Greens behind for the rest of the match.

Team roster:  Ali Al-Khafajy, Issa Al Anzi, Salam El-Moussawi, Omar, Karim, Ali Al-Kassab, Amir Al-Kassab, Beshr Al-Alawi, Jaafar Al-Alawi, Mustafa Mahmoud, Ibrahim Wadhah, Ramin Solki, Walid

Goal scorers: Issa (2).


Cards:  Issa (Y), Amir (Y).

Referee:  N/A

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